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Morrison Company didn’t become one of the top material handling distributors in the United States by looking at standard products in a standard way.  Yes, we specify only products that we trust for quality and reliability from established manufacturers, and yes, we design and engineer custom storage rack systems to suit the needs of our customers.  So what’s the Morrison difference? 85 years of customer satisfaction excellence!

Often the most efficient and cost effective warehousing solutions rely on a combination of the major system designs.  With a thorough understanding of your individual business goals, structural capabilities and competitive landscape, our experts will deliver a long-lasting storage rack solution that is as unique as your business.


Selective pallet rack is the most common rack type. It is low-cost, easy to install and re-configurable for low turnover, high SKU product inventory. Available in roll-formed or structural steel.

Push-back rack is ideal for LIFO product management. This system lends itself to faster load and unload time than drive-in rack yet still offers high density, multi-SKU product storage.

Drive-in rack is best utilized in large volume, low rotation storage areas. Consisting of deep lane storage using a common fork truck entry and exit area, drive-in can save valuable square footage.

Gravity flow systems provide FIFO storage for high-volume and/or perishable or lot controlled goods. Simple to load and unload, gravity flow systems offer both fast access and storage density in one design.

Carton flow is suited for quick pick and ship of individual carton products. It can improve case visibility for more accurate pick rates and can be designed to meet any capacity requirement.

Pallet flow is a gravity flow system uniquely designed for deep lane pallet storage. Pallet flow maximizes space by consolidating storage and removing aisles. Ideal in FIFO product rotation.

Cantilever rack is the choice for storage of extra-long products like lumber and building materials. Available in structural and roll-formed steel, cantilever rack arms are adjustable to accommodate a variety of products.

Multi-evel pick modules consolidate order selection in a condensed footprint using a combination of storage mediums and conveyor systems to optimize space and improve order picking productivity.

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