SpaceRack Cantileve2rMorrison cantilever rack provides the ultimate storage flexibility for long, bulky, awkwardly shaped products.  Superior strength and stability coupled with multi-level storage and ease of re-configuration make cantilever rack a staple in the lumber, textile, furniture, building, piping and many other industries. Our cantilever manufacturing partner, SpaceRAK, Inc. makes extremely durable, cantilever systems in structural and roll-formed steel; both offering simple assembly and flexible adjustment for product mix changes.


Benefits of Morrison Company Designed Cantilever Rack

Structural Cantilever

  • All components manufactured from rugged I-Beam material
  • Ideal for medium to heavy-duty applications
  • Arm lengths for storage depth range from 24” to 72” per shelf
  • Adjustable on 4” centers
  • Accessories available: wire mesh decks, plywood platforms and entry guides

Roll-Formed Cantilever

  • Manufactured from high-strength roll-formed steel for durability and abuse-resistance
  • Roll-formed bracket/pin connection allows for fast & easy arm adjustability
  • Arm length  ranges from 24” to 72” per shelf and adjustable vertically on 3” centers
  • Easily configured for decked applications


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