Drive-In4Think BIG…and small with a Morrison drive-in systems.  Big savings, big volume, big efficiencies and big productivity; all at a small cost per square footage. Drive-in rack is ideal for large volume storage of low-rotation products.  In ambient, cold and freezer applications, this system can save up to 35% in square footage while storing up to 75% more pallets than traditional rack.  Drive-in rack is ideal for LIFO inventory control of long shelf life, non-stackable goods.

Fork trucks drive right into the rack to place pallets from 2 to 10 deep.  Fork trucks back out of the rack through the same opening thus saving aisle space and decreasing storage and retrieval time.


Benefits of Morrison Company Drive-In Rack Systems

  • Welded frame construction = high rigidity & strength
  • More storage room, less money spent
  • Common entry & exit for fork trucks
  • Back to front pallet placement
  • Increased efficiency & productivity
  • Perfect for fragile products that cannot be stacked

Morrison Company will design a drive-in rack system ideally suited for years of storage use in your facility. Both roll-formed and structural steel applications are available.


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