Pallet Flow Inner Page
Dependability, flexibility and efficiency describe a Morrison pallet flow system. We specify only the most expertly manufactured products from Creative Storage Systems (CSS) and Mallard Manufacturing to
develop a system that works with your product rotation needs and output goals.


Benefits of Morrison Company Designed Pallet Flow Systems

  • Light, medium and heavy-duty wheel options
  • Steel roller tracks handle up to 5000 lbs. of load
  • Standard in-line or staggered designs
  • Full-width, 2-track, 3-track configurations
  • Built in speed controllers
  • Variety of speed controller capacities unique to pallet weight

Combining the right tracks, wheels, and bearings is crucial.  Consideration must also be given to shallow vs deep lane, heavy duty vs lightweight, standard vs wash-down requirements and much more. 80+ years in the material handling industry is behind every Morrison Company system design and our long-standing partnerships with CSS and Mallard make the decision easy.



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