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Considered experts in the design  and installation of decked rack, Morrison Company is an exclusive supplier for many national retailers.  Decked rack is engineered for safe and reliable use in ambient, cold store and freezer applications.  Fastening to standard uprights and cross-beams, decked products offer additional strength and flexibility to pallet and non-pallet rack configurations.

Retail, apparel, e-commerce, publishing, shoes, and home improvement are all examples of industries that benefit from the cost-effective, versatile, and low maintenance product lines in the category referred to as decking. 

Decking can include: Wire mesh, resin & composite surfaces, corrugated & B-deck, grip strut safety decking and more.  The functionality of these products in your racking system can vary from the storage of tote, drum, case and carton to pallet support, mezzanine flooring, safety rails and overhead protection to mention just a few.

The Morrison Company team will specify the best, most cost-effective accessories for your system, utilizing proven partnerships with leading manufactures such as Nashville Wire, Nelson Steel, Complex Steel & Wire and ResinDek®.

Safety and functionality are what we do.

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