gatesMorrison Company will specify the proper gate to best suit your VRC system needs. All Wildeck® gates meet applicable codes and are equipped with ‘elevator style’ electro-mechanical door locks for superior performance and durability.

Options include:

  • Bi-parting swing gate
  • Single panel vertical gate
  • Bi-panel vertical acting gate
  • Single panel swing gate (left or right hinged)

Additionally, carriage mounted gates from Wildeck may be specified for your VRC application to add an extra measure of safety within your warehouse environment.

Options Include:

  • CargoLok™
  • Diagonal drop bars
  • Swing gates
  • Heavy duty lift rails
  • Vertical lift gates
  • Roll-up doors

VRC Standard Carriages:

Standard carriages come with painted floors and walls and can be protected with galvanized diamond plate “armor.”  All Wildeck specified carriages meet the standard of excellence required by Morrison Company for safety, reliability and durability.

Straddle Carriages

  • “Z” load carriage with expanded metal sides
  • “C” load carriage with galvanized tread plate
  • “Z” load carriage with rails
  • Diagonal load bars
  • “Z” load straddle carriage with pipe bars
  • Vertical gate

Cantilever Carriages

  • 90° load carriage with expanded metal sides
  • “C” or “Z” load carriage with expanded metal sides
  • 90° load carriage with rail sides
  • “C” or “Z” load carriage with rail sides
  • Knock-down carriage


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