Is your business expanding or changing?  Is your facility running out of space or just not running as efficiently as it should? Contact the experienced professionals at Morrison Company to help you navigate the warehousing storage and distribution options available.  For more than 85 years we have specialized in the material handling industry and forged relationships with premier equipment manufacturers enabling us to offer the most cost-effective, efficient, durable plan to meet the demands for your growing business.

Facility AssessmentElements of a Morrison facility assessment may include:

  • Comprehensive facility safety audit to determine safety risk and preventative measures
  • Thorough review of your current configuration, volume, rotation and trends
  • Physical structure footprint including ceiling heights, dock doors, elevators, existing safety mechanics, etc.
  • Need for storage equipment, work areas, load/unloading areas
  • Review what is working now and what isn’t working as well as it could be
  • Pick, pack and ship only? Processing? Raw materials/finished goods?
  • Do current systems meet your business growth or are there new systems that would work more efficiently and save money over time?
  • Work schedules/shifts
  • Performance reporting requirements
  • Product shelf-life concerns

If you would like a Morrison Company facility assessment, just provide some information on our facility questionnaire to help us understand your business or project challenge.  We look forward to working with you to review a facility optimization plan.

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