Mezz Deck optionsA variety of decking options are available through the complete product line of Wildeck® work platforms.  The experts are Morrison Company will review your mezzanine needs and specify the product or combination of products that will best achieve your desired end result.

Specified decking systems may include:

Roof deck & resin board (most economical), bar grating (open design allowing ventilation and satisfying fire regulations), roof deck & floor plate (when non-combustible is required), roof deck & specialty panels (non-skid), roof deck & concrete (satisfy fire ratings and chemical application requirements), and specialty grating (made from fiberglass or plastic).

Benefits of Morrison Specified Mezzanine Decking Options

  • 20 gauge steel roof decking with underside painted to reflect light and brighten area below mezzanine
  • Moisture resistant flooring available
  • Heavy-duty surfaces available for continuous traffic
  • Meet stringent industry standards & specified national, state, local codes
  • 18 gauge galvanized steel roof decking is also available where loads could be corrosive or non-combustibility is required