Mezzanine custom' imageWhen space gets tight you have two basic options, build up or move out.  The lower cost option to new construction is a custom designed mezzanine.  A mezzanine allows for better utilization of overhead space thus gaining use of valuable area for storage, office, assembly, production, etc.  Allow Morrison Company to evaluate your current situation, future needs and budget and we will create a system that will work for you.

Benefits of a Morrison Custom Designed Mezzanine

  • Meet stringent industry standards & specified national, state, local codes
  • Uniquely designed to meet needs for size, load and span
  • Quality manufactured high-strength steel components
  • Easy, fast assembly minimizes downtime
  • Unique locking structure to ensure a strong unitized structure
  • Heavy-duty columns and baseplates combine to provide rigid support without obstruction bracing
  • Secure structure allows use of lower levels