Bottom line, accidents happen.  When designing a warehouse racking system, safety is as important as function.  The team at Morrison Company relies on the proven safety line of products by Wildeck® as part of their racking design specifications. Manufactured with high-strength steel to offer superb rack protection, the Wildeck standard line offers a large variety of products to best guard your workforce and your major capital investment.  Painted bright “safety” yellow, these products will withstand regular lift truck, hand truck and heavy cart impacts protecting your rack and all that is in it.  All safety products are compliant with OSHA and IBC codes.

To maintain the integrity of your rack system we also offer a safety audit and maintenance plan that will regularly assess and subsequently repair damaged rack and rack components.  Your safety audit will provide you with a comprehensive rack inspection including identification of areas for system repair and maintenance.  Our repair specialists will complete on-site repairs with minimal to no disruption in daily operations.  All maintenance will be conducted according to OSHA safety
regulations and Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI) design guidelines.

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